2 Miles is My Limit (for now)

Just got in after another 2 mile run – it’s my third so far this week and the first I’ve not had to walk parts of it.

I think my main problem was setting off too quickly.

Here’s a breakdown of the three runs.

19th April – 2 miles in 20:05
1st Mile: 09:29
2nd Mile: 10:35

21st April – 2 miles in 19:21
1st Mile: 09:21
2nd Mile: 10:00

22nd April – 2 miles in 19:01
1st Mile: 09:41
2nd Mile: 09:20

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this week. Next week I’m going to attempt to step up the mileage – starting with 2.5 miles and set my Garmin Forerunner to beep when I run quicker than 9 minute miles as I always seem to have a tendency to want to run quicker than my stamina is capable of. At this stage I feel that I need to be running and completing the distance.

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