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More pain… Shins this time.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I’m very frustrated at the moment.

After my successful 5 miles on Thursday I thought I’d take a couple of days off (which I did) – had a few drinks on Saturday so didn’t feel up to it on Sunday either and besides my shins and thigh felt a bit tender to touch still.

Monday night arrives and I decide to do three miles but wasn’t able to… my shins were hurting during an uphill bit and I had to stop – not even completing a mile. So, back to the car I walked a bit and then ran a bit and then walked a bit so I ended up with 1.5 miles (ish)

I guess my legs didn’t like the sudden leap to 5 miles which is a shame as they seemed to be enjoying it at the time.

This is problem number three so far: knee, hip, shin. Knee had me out (resting it) for two weeks while the hip problem had me out for 3! I’ve only been running since 14th April and been able to run for just two months out of three.

It’s a shame but I guess it’s to be expected with a job where you sit in a chair all day, 4/5 years of practically no exercise and the extra weight: my legs are weak!

I’m hoping they’ll be okay tomorrow but I guess I should just wait until there’s no pain when prodding them.

Attempt at a “long run”

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Decided tonight to try and do a bit more than usual…

Last week I managed to run 3.5 miles but it was a bit of a struggle and I had to walk for a minute halfway so tonight I decided to try and do 4 miles.  So, to slow me down,  I set the old Forerunner to alert me when I’m pacing faster than 11 minute miles… it worked and I ended up doing 5 miles  as I felt so good. It felt like I could have done double that when I’d stopped but I didn’t want to push it too much!

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 50 mins 6 secs

Garmin stats and splits are below:

2.57 Miles

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Went for a run with three others from the office straight after work this evening. We have a circuit just shy of 1.3 miles.

The other three haven’t been running for around a month so I was setting an easy pace of 10 minute miles. I was tempted to do another lap but felt a bit hungry so ended the run with a sprint finish  over the final quarter of a mile. Not sure I’ve seen my Forerunner say 6 minute miles before!)

Distance: 2.57 miles
Time: 25:47

The Weekend and the Virtual Partner

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Had a break on Friday night and went to the Cinema to watch Inception which was great so no running and a bag of Peanut M&M’s later I decided I MUST run Saturday night instead, which I did…

Saturday – 17th
Distance: 2.84 miles
Time: 27:18

Mile splits of 09:57, 09:38 and 07:41 (final .84)

Felt a bit tired on Saturday before the run but decided to go anyway. Found it a bit of a struggle.

Monday 19th

Decided to use the ‘Virtual Partner’ feature of the Forerunner 205 to see if I could surpass my 2 mile training “record” of 17:57 set way back in May so I set it up for 2 miles at 18:00 and turned my usual pace auto alerts off.

The run went surprisingly well, although hard, and I cruised home dead-on 17:00 so almost knocking a minute off. Not bad.. not great but it’s an improvement which is the right direction!

Mile splits of 08:56 and 08:03 (!!) – which is even more surprising as when I tried to see how fast I could run a mile during Juneathon I only managed 08:13.

Tomorrow, providing my legs feel okay I’ll be running straight after work with a few of the lads from work – should be interesting!

Running Without My Inhaler – Mistake!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

You will obviously not know but I suffer from asthma – not overly serious as it only ever affects me when I do any exercise or hang around cats and dogs – but I avoid that.

I’d decided to go for a brisk two mile run last night as my legs were a bit stiff from my run on Monday. Immediately I realised I’d forgotten to take my usual inhaler puff before my run, “it’ll be fine… it’s only two miles” – wrong! I made it to the half-way point easily enough while noticing my breathing wasn’t as easy as usual but had to stop completely at 1.5 and walk back to the car gasping for air “nhuuurr nhhuuurrr hurrrr” .

I was fine once I’d got home… just a bit disappointed to have a failed run.

So yes, the moral of the story is: if I forget to use it… go back and do so!