The Weekend and the Virtual Partner

Had a break on Friday night and went to the Cinema to watch Inception which was great so no running and a bag of Peanut M&M’s later I decided I MUST run Saturday night instead, which I did…

Saturday – 17th
Distance: 2.84 milesĀ
Time: 27:18

Mile splits of 09:57, 09:38 and 07:41 (final .84)

Felt a bit tired on Saturday before the run but decided to go anyway. Found it a bit of a struggle.

Monday 19th

Decided to use the ‘Virtual Partner’ feature of the Forerunner 205 to see if I could surpass my 2 mile training “record” of 17:57 set way back in May so I set it up for 2 miles at 18:00 and turned my usual pace auto alerts off.

The run went surprisingly well, although hard, and I cruised home dead-on 17:00 so almost knocking a minute off. Not bad.. not great but it’s an improvement which is the right direction!

Mile splits of 08:56 and 08:03 (!!) – which is even more surprising as when I tried to see how fast I could run a mile during Juneathon I only managed 08:13.

Tomorrow, providing my legs feel okay I’ll be running straight after work with a few of the lads from work – should be interesting!

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