3.5 Miles

Had planned to run on Friday but my hip felt a “bit funny” so I decided to skip it and I spent last night drinking red wine celebrating Blackpool’s 4-0 Premier League win so that was a no-no too.

Went out tonight and completed a relatively quick 3.5 miles. It felt easy and I was tempted to push and do five again (same route) but decided against it so I can do the same distance tomorrow. On Tuesday I’ve got an hour of five a side with workmates so I’ll probably have a rest day on Wednesday.

Distance: 3.5 Miles
Time: 32:43
Splits of: 09:57, 09:34, 08:55

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  1. Paul says:

    Congratulations on the win at Wigan. At half time at Portman Rd where I was watching Ipswich v Burnley the scoreline was greeted with an audible ooohhhhh.

    May your success continue

  2. hinky niteflix says:

    Hey there! It’s nice to find a blog by a beginning runner (or anybody) who’s ‘running blog’ isn’t about their kids, their family reunions or their job… I’m a fairly new beginner, too – running in the 4-5 mile range. Thanks for the inspiration!

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