I Like Running in the Rain! – 7 miles(!)

It was raining pretty much all day here yesterday. The last time I ran in the rain I ran 5 miles for the first time so my thinking was do try and go further and I decided upon 7 miles. Mostly because my route is a 3.5 mile loop.

Planned on running it the usual way around and take a sip of water at my car halfway and then go  back around the way I came.

I planned to run it around 10:30 minute mile pace and had to keep telling myself to go slower and try and keep to 10 minute miles at least. Got halfway and felt fine… soaked wet through but fine…  took a quick sip and went back the way I came.

I managed the second 3.5 miles easier than I thought the last 2 miles are mostly downhill so I picked up the pace a bit.

So, that’s the furthest I’ve run… by two miles. I’ll probably do five miles a couple of times next week and then a seven the week after that.

Today there’s a bit of ache around the knees and at the top of my leg but nothing a day off shouldn’t cure. My earlier slight foot worry also seems to have gone completely.

I’ve included garmin details below.

Distance: 7 Miles
Time: 1:08:13
Mile Splits: 10:09, 10:01, 9:25, 9:51, 10:15, 9:35, 8:55

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  1. Paul says:

    The worst bit about running in the rain is the start getting out of the door but when you get going you are kept cool. Well done on 7 miles I have yet to get up to that distance since returning from injury

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