A slight change of plan… 8 Miles

Ran 8 miles for the first time tonight. Was planning giving the distance a go on Friday but I’ve quite a busy day on Friday so I decided to attempt it after work this evening.

Planned running it slow and easy and it shows in the time (1:19:32) which makes it about 12 minutes longer than I’ve run before. Sat in a cold bath for 10 minutes when I got home – can’t do any harm and it seemed to aid recovery after my seven miler last week.

Left knee is feeling it a bit but overall I’m feeling good.. ’twas easy to get around.

Distance: 8 miles
Time 1:19:32
Mile splits of:  10:12, 10:19, 9:49, 9:35, 10:25, 10:10, 9:29, 9:31

(as you can probably spot the first two miles are uphill with second two downhill… and I ran back the way I came  at halfway on my 4 mile loop!)

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