I’ve been skiving!

Not from the running though… just the blog updating. Been so busy with work the past month I’ve found it difficult to get the time to update the running log.

So, I’ll do that now!

My last update was the 9th and after the seven miler I needed a bit of extra recovery time so my next run was…

14th September

Ran 3.55 miles in 33:46 trying to take it slowly.

15th September

Again, really tried hard to keep at an easy pace and ran 3.5 miles  in 32:36.

18th September

My two efforts at 3.5 miles earlier in the week  at a slower pace made my legs feel super bouncy and light. I ran the first mile in 9:38 but after running the second in 9:15 (quite quick for the 2nd mile which is all uphill) I decided to “push on” to try and get a decent time. I finished in 30:54 which is my quickest 3.5 miles by almost a minute!

20th September

After the first 0.5 miles I regretted running the one above hard… legs felt awful and I decided to run back to the car after managing a mile to make it 2 miles in 18:52. Decided to take an extra day of rest on the 21st.

22nd September

Hadn’t managed to squeeze a longer run in for a while and decided to go slow and complete 7 miles.I do so in 1:08:28. Afterwards I sat in a cold bath for ten minutes…

24th September

Cold bath worked… legs have never recovered so well after a longer run… or maybe I’m getting used to that distance?

My 3.5 mile route has the option of extending it to 4 miles… and I did. I ran it in 36:27 which I was pleased about!

26th September

Ran another 4 miles but this time in 35:59! Mile splits of 9:22, 9:25, 9:09 and 8:01.

28th September

That brings me to this evening! Phew… 4 miles in 38:25. Told myself to go slow and easy and I finished it with ease. Looks like 4 miles is the new 3.5 miles from now on.

Plan on running an easy 4 miles again tomorrow and hopefully attempting 8 miles for the first time on Friday. It’s my birthday this weekend (29) so I don’t think I’ll be able to fit a run in over the weekend.

Tonights run made my surpass last months running totals with me currently having ran 47 miles compared to last months 43… should be 51 miles by the end of tomorrow.

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