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Quickest 3.5 miles and a look at past 3.5ers!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

It’s getting dark really early now so I had to cut my run short by half a mile as I hit a bit of traffic on the way home from work.

I ran my fastest 4 miles last night and I ran my fastest 3.5 miles this evening in 30:34 which I’m obviously happy about – I think the 4 days without running has helped my legs come back stronger.

Here’s a list of my 3.5 mile (ish) runs:

Date Distance Time Avg Pace
12th October 3.5 30:34 08:44
18th September 3.5 30:54 08:50
15th September 3.5 32:36 09:18
14th September 3.55 33:46 09:30
7th September 3.51 32:53 09:22
6th September 3.5 31:48 09:05
16th August 3.5 32:11 09:12
15th August 3.5 32:42 09:20
12th July 3.5 35:02 10:00

Seems I’m making some progress there. A day off tomorrow and then I”m hoping for a couple more 4 milers on Thursday and Friday with a slow 7 miles on Sunday which would make my weekly mileage to 22.5 miles.

Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 30:34
Mile splits of: 09:36, 08:21, 08:41 and then last 0.5 in 3:54.

Three More…

Monday, October 11th, 2010


Had a long weekend away so no running but plenty of hill walking left my legs feeling used! Ran 4 miles as planned and felt really good and although I was taking it easy for the first three miles finished quickly with my last mile being in 7:23 (granted it’s downhill.. ascent of 63ft and descent of 189ft over the mile) but I was running periods of it faster than I’ve ever done before so I guess it’s progress.

Also a new quickest 4 miles.

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 35:26
Mile splits of: 09:45, 09:17, 08:58, 07:23.

7th October

Another 4 miles, surprise surprise…

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 36:03
Mile splits of: 09:36, 09:10, 08:49, 08:27


6th October

Didn’t manage any running over my birthday weekend due to a combination of knee pain after the 8 miles, birthday drinks and a minor chest infection of some sort, cough cough.

Dragged myself out on the 6th and managed 3.87 miles. Was attempting 4 miles but my lungs didn’t feel brilliant and I’d set off too quickly which took it out of me.

Distance: 3.7 miles
Time: 34:20
Mile splits of: 9:13, 9:01, 9:01 with last 0.87 at 8:11 pace.