First year of running

Been a while… I’m still going.

Yesterday marked a year since my first run back on the 13th April 2010.

That first time I managed 1.25 miles in 12:29 (10 min/mi) weighing in at 14st 5lbs. Last weekend I entered my third 10k race and managed 46:45 which of course I’m very happy with. Nowadays I’m weighing in at 11st 8lbs which is helping ;)

I really need to regularly update this blog again to be able to look back on where I’ve come from and jot down my plans.  Also this week I was stuck as to when my foot injury occurred and realised if I’d have logged everything it’d have made finding out easier.

So yes.. the blog is back.  This weekend I’ll write up my race reports of my three 10k races so far (56:13 in Dec, 47:56 in March and the 46:45 in April).

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