5 Miles Last Night

My Tuesday night run this week was just over 5 miles.  I felt good once I’d got going even though my legs were a bit stiff from Sunday’s 10 miler.

One amusing moment from the run was noticing a ‘man on a bicycle’ gaining ground on me… he overtook me and then came a “hill” and halfway up I overtook him! I didn’t think you could ride a bike so slowly  - I’d have thought he’d topple over.

In the schedule tomorrow is an easy 8 miler – legs feel ‘used’ but should be fresh tomorrow.

Distance: 5.35 Miles
Time: 45:37
Mile Splits: 8:30, 8:34, 8:38, 8:35, 8:29, 2:51

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  1. Abradypus says:

    I’ve been overtaken by a runner when cycling along a towpath, I’m that slow!

  2. I love catching upto bikers on hills after tehy past me on the flat ground. I used to seek out hilly areas that were frequented by bikers just so I would have a good “rabbit” to get me moving up the hills.

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