An Eight Miler in the Sun

I had a race on Sunday, the Coventry Northbrook 10k… and did a bit better than expected. (New 10k PB: 46:24). A full race report for that is to follow in the next few days.

Since then I ran 4.85m on Tuesday – a second under 40 minutes making it an average pace of 8:15 (too fast!!)

Tonight was my usual Thursday ‘not quite, but not far off a’ long run and the distance in my ad-hoc schedule said 8 miles.

Legs still aren’t 100% after the race so I did my best to keep it slow and easy… I failed, as usual in this respect but it felt comfortable and I managed a the 8.16 miles in 1:09:30 which means an average pace of 8:31 min/mi.

Looking back at my records it seems that it was my quickest 8 mile training run… which is quite surprising as it felt like I was running it ‘easy’.

Next up is a 4 miler on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday. Goal is to run both of them around 9 min/miles… we shall see.

Distance: 8.16m
Time: 01:09:30
Mile Splits:

1: – 1m – 8:38(8:38/m)
2: – 1m – 8:36(8:36/m)
3: – 1m – 8:38(8:38/m)
4: – 1m – 8:22(8:22/m)
5: – 1m – 8:26(8:26/m)
6: – 1m – 8:22(8:22/m)
7: – 1m – 8:31(8:31/m)
8: – 1m – 8:41(8:41/m)
9: – 0.16m – 1:15(7:41/m)

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