Day 6: Uninspired Walking and Cherry Drops

Terrible night’s sleep last night which I’m thinking must have been due to the late run I did (finished 10m). As I’ve got the race on Sunday and I’m supposed to be resting I’ve not done much on the exercise front today.  I did, however, walk to the shop and back and, having measured this on, I’ve found that the distance totalled 2.13 miles – that’ll do for today! :)

From the shop I bought some of the basics… milk, bread and ham… but also some cherry drops(!)

Tomorrow I’ve got a nice and easy 4 miler. Although I’m thinking about upping that to 6 miles… I’ll see.

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  1. John says:

    Well done for getting out there today for a walk. It’s probably just what your legs needed after their 10 miles yesterday :)

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