Half Marathon Training Update

My half marathon training begun at the start of July after I’d taken a weeks holiday in Spain after the Asics Arden 9 mile race.

The goal was to extend my long run of 10-12 miles up to 16 miles and hitting that distance twice before the half marathon on the 2nd October.


My monthly totals since I started have been 129 miles for July and 120 for August which is an increase from my previous high mileage month (May) of 90 miles. September should follow the same amount of mileage as July and August even with an easier couple of weeks leading up to the race.

Another Race!

In preparation for the half marathon I’ve decided to add a 10 mile race on the 4th September and the John Fraser 10 is conveniently close / on the right date. This will give me a chance to test out my new found speed/stamina – I’m hoping for a time of 01:15 but I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage that after reading previous race reports: “definitely hilly”, “it’s hill after hill after hill”, “knackered”

Here’s the elevation profile taken from last years race:

Aches and Pains

I’ve got a problem with my right anke/achilles/soleus – hard to pinpoint – and I’ve had it for over a month – it seems to get better with a day of rest after a run and during the run it’s fine. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse as it gets closer to the half marathon.

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  1. Amanda boldy says:

    Some of the members of my club (Bushfield joggers) are running that I will be at another race in framlingham but good luck

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