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My Running Goals for (the rest of) 2010

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I’ve been running for four months as of today and I thought it was about time I started setting myself a few goals. I’ll do a follow up post at the end of the year to see how many I’ve managed to achieve.

Goal 1: Sub 55 minute 10k
Not yet run the distance but it feels like I can. I’ve done 5 miles a few times now and it’s feeling pretty comfortable – my best time so far (without pushing it) is 47 minutes so I think this is pretty achievable. Next summer I’d hope to be running  sub 50 minute 10k but I don’t think I can manage that in 4 months? Guess I’ll find out.

Goal 2: Sub 26 minute 5k
28:25 is my best at this distance and I’ll give it a go every so often over the same route.

Goal 3: Sub 16 minute 2 miles
My best time in training has been 17 minutes flat so I’d have to increase the speed I’m currently capable of. Will maybe do a two mile time trial over the same route to measure progress every month or two. (Does contain hills)

and finally
To keep running! I’m enjoying so much that I don’t think this will be a problem unless I’m forced to take a break through injury.