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Upcoming Race: Two Castles Run 2011 (10k)

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Where: Warwick/Kenilworth
When: 12th June 2011
Distance: 10k

This is the next race on the horizon for me, taking place on the 12th June. It’ll be my first point-to-point race with it starting at Warwick Castle and finishing at Kenilworth Castle. Hmm, that would explain the name: ‘Two Castles Run

Also running in the same race are  three guys from work. Originally it was to be a bit of competition between the four of us  but, as they’ve not been putting in the training,  it looks 2nd place is all they can hope for ;) Alongside us four will be close to 3,500 runners in this popular race where all places went in just two weeks.

According to the event website there’s more ascent(55m) than descent(26m) and I’ve been spending way too much time looking at the elevation chart… and comparing that to training runs… and watching  a video of the route… and then back at the elevation chart and… argh!

I’m thinking I can handle the route comfortably, the ascents don’t appear to be as severe as those I run in training so I’m not worried about them. It’s only the issue that there’s more ascent than descent as that’s a bit of unknown factor for me.

Current PB is 46:24 and so far I’ve PB’d in every race. For “Two Castles” I don’t want to break that chain so I’m hoping to go sub 46 and that’s how I’ll be pacing myself. Looking at last years results 46:00 would put me 175th out of 2,380 which sounds pretty good!