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Couple of Runs

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Yeah, so in the last post I mentioned my shins were sore. This lasted until Friday so  it took about 4 days for them  to recover to a stage where they weren’t painful to touch (with a deep finger-poke). As I was off to Bristol for the weekend I decided to wait until Monday to run.


After a bit of a heavy weekend I still wasn’t feeling 100% on Monday but knew I had to run as it had been a week since my shin pain – anyway got out and managed 3.25 miles.

Halfway through the run, up a long incline, I get a bit of ache in the shin region but I could run through/with it so I didn’t mind.  Anyway  when I get to around the second mile I start to feel my feet going numb(argh!)

I had a few problems with this in my first month of running – I put it down to tight calves and since then I’ve been fine. I had to stop and walk until this went away. Plus I was knackered and struggling!  Walked for about half a mile and then carried on without the numbness coming back which is good.

Also saw 3 chickens in the road… alive.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 33:38


Felt fine the next day, no pain anywhere so as I’d planned I did quicker two miles.

I keep noticing a lot of discarded brown McDonald’s bags and two more tonight… how do they end up in country lanes? There isn’t a McDonald’s for about 5 miles?

Distance: 2.05 miles
Time: 18:21

What’s Next?

Having a rest day today and then I’m running Thursday (easy 3) and then again Friday (4ish) and staying with family up north over the weekend so I’ll take that as a rest.