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Couple of Runs

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Yeah, so in the last post I mentioned my shins were sore. This lasted until Friday so  it took about 4 days for them  to recover to a stage where they weren’t painful to touch (with a deep finger-poke). As I was off to Bristol for the weekend I decided to wait until Monday to run.


After a bit of a heavy weekend I still wasn’t feeling 100% on Monday but knew I had to run as it had been a week since my shin pain – anyway got out and managed 3.25 miles.

Halfway through the run, up a long incline, I get a bit of ache in the shin region but I could run through/with it so I didn’t mind.  Anyway  when I get to around the second mile I start to feel my feet going numb(argh!)

I had a few problems with this in my first month of running – I put it down to tight calves and since then I’ve been fine. I had to stop and walk until this went away. Plus I was knackered and struggling!  Walked for about half a mile and then carried on without the numbness coming back which is good.

Also saw 3 chickens in the road… alive.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 33:38


Felt fine the next day, no pain anywhere so as I’d planned I did quicker two miles.

I keep noticing a lot of discarded brown McDonald’s bags and two more tonight… how do they end up in country lanes? There isn’t a McDonald’s for about 5 miles?

Distance: 2.05 miles
Time: 18:21

What’s Next?

Having a rest day today and then I’m running Thursday (easy 3) and then again Friday (4ish) and staying with family up north over the weekend so I’ll take that as a rest.

More pain… Shins this time.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I’m very frustrated at the moment.

After my successful 5 miles on Thursday I thought I’d take a couple of days off (which I did) – had a few drinks on Saturday so didn’t feel up to it on Sunday either and besides my shins and thigh felt a bit tender to touch still.

Monday night arrives and I decide to do three miles but wasn’t able to… my shins were hurting during an uphill bit and I had to stop – not even completing a mile. So, back to the car I walked a bit and then ran a bit and then walked a bit so I ended up with 1.5 miles (ish)

I guess my legs didn’t like the sudden leap to 5 miles which is a shame as they seemed to be enjoying it at the time.

This is problem number three so far: knee, hip, shin. Knee had me out (resting it) for two weeks while the hip problem had me out for 3! I’ve only been running since 14th April and been able to run for just two months out of three.

It’s a shame but I guess it’s to be expected with a job where you sit in a chair all day, 4/5 years of practically no exercise and the extra weight: my legs are weak!

I’m hoping they’ll be okay tomorrow but I guess I should just wait until there’s no pain when prodding them.